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    NSW will be busy these school holidays.

    Make sure you're ready to welcome visitors by completing your COVID Safety Plan. It includes simple steps you can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including

    • planning physical distancing
    • good hygiene practices at your business
    • setting up a contactless check-in process 
    • ensuring staff who feel unwell know to get tested and stay home until they're cleared

    You can then register as COVID Safe and receive a print-ready COVID Safe badge to display, and your free unique QR code for contactless customer check-in.
    If you're in the hospitality industry, you should already have a registered COVID Safety Plan. If you're in another industry, it's strongly recommended you complete a COVID Safety Plan for your business to show your customers and staff you take their health seriously. 

    > Complete your COVID Safety Plan

    Business in Glen has an alliance with Business NSW. 

    Every BiG member can access a fantastic array of services.

    Follow the link to see what Business in NSW can do for you!!



    You may, or may not, have seen the attached flyer being circulated around the region of late, as part of the Glen Innes Improving Local Business Program. If you’ve seen it but still have some questions or concerns, we’d love to help – contact Julia Spicer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    You can participate in the ENGAGE e-course with group coaching over 5 weeks for no monetary cost to you (yep!) as part of this project. Of course, you’ll be spending your valued time on it, however we believe it will be well worth it for you, your business & overall, the strength of the region.

    The course is starting this Friday 12th June, however if you don’t see this beforehand, we will be taking registrations until next Friday 19th June and you will simply get Modules 1 & 2 in the same week. There’s no strict timeframe on this, and certainly no prizes for finishing first, so you can take all the time you like to compete the course – you have lifetime access.

    Places are limited however, so get in quick! Details on how to register are on the attached flyer.

    We look forward to working with you soon,

    Julia Spicer

    GLENRAC x ENGAGE flyer

    $1.8B stimulus package announced for Local Governments

    Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program: Funding Allocations - Glen Innes Severn Council funded to $872,429

    2020-21 Financial Assistance Grant Bring Forward Funding Allocations Glen Innes Severn Council $2,232,533

    Check out the following link…/local…/index.aspx

    Eligible community infrastructure projects could include works involving: Closed Circuit TV (CCTV); bicycle and walking paths; painting or improvements to community facilities; repairing and replacing fencing; improved accessibility of community facilities and areas; landscaping improvements, such as tree planting and beautification of roundabouts; picnic shelters or barbeque facilities at community parks; playgrounds and skateparks (including all ability playgrounds); noise and vibration mitigation measures; and off-road car parks (such as those at sporting grounds or parks).

    Perhaps it is time to start lobbying....

    Below please find the links that are necessary to apply for the NSW State Government Small Business Grant.

    There is a wide diversity of businesses that may apply and criteria and guidelines are easy to follow.


    The COVID Small Business 10K Grant closes this Sunday, 31 May 2020

    The Department of Regional NSW  have advised and can confirm that Service NSW are showing discretion for businesses affected by drought and bushfires. They have also published additional specific information about these businesses in the guidelines Specifically:

    Where a business has been affected by drought or another natural disaster and is therefore unable to show a decline in turnover of 75 per cent compared to 2019:

    • the business must compare their turnover for a period in March, April or May (of a minimum 2 weeks) to the turnover experienced in the same period in the year immediately preceding the year the drought or other natural disaster was declared.


    All enquiries please to Service NSW: Phone 13 77 88



    Attached please find a safety plan that Glen Innes businesses may find useful as they look to  reopen.



    Empty Esky is a national movement of foodies and adventurers on a mission to support small businesses affected by the Australian fires.

    Check out the link

    The Australian fires have had devastating effects on not only the environment, communities, animals and human life but also on the local economy and peoples’ livelihoods. We encourage everyone to grab an Empty Esky, embark on a road trip to a fire-affected town (when it’s safe to do so) and to stock up with produce and wares purchased from local traders.

    Many of these small businesses rely on peak-tourism months to make their money in order to survive the quieter times of the year, however the bushfires have made it impossible for them to operate and generate a living.

    Let’s come together to take the Empty Esky pledge! Commit to helping out our fellow neighbours and stimulating local fire-affected economies. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the Aussie thing to do.

    Empty bags or empty stomachs are of course also welcome!

    How To Get Involved

    If you’d like to pledge to visit a fire-affected town with your Empty Esky, or if your business has been impacted by the fires and you feel you would benefit from our support, please register here.

    Heading out on an Empty Esky road trip? Check out our map of fire-affected businesses and get planning. 

    Already on the road? Join the @emptyesky fam by following us on social media and be sure to share your journey with us by tagging #emptyesky 

    Be safe! Always check for bushfire advice and updates with your local authority.  

    Contact Us

    General enquiries:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Media & Marketing enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Latest data and information from the NSW Business Chamber has shown that ....

    "Goodwill there to help business back on their feet

    Safety and access to suitable transport are the two biggest factors for people deciding to holiday in areas hit by bushfires, according to a new survey released by the state’s peak business organization, the NSW Business Chamber.

    The survey, conducted earlier this month at the height of the crisis, found 96% of tourists would consider returning to those areas, but only 11% would do so immediately.

    “The results are not surprising and highlight the level of financial loss that many businesses in those bushfire impacted communities are suffering,” said NSW Business Chamber Chief Executive Stephen Cartwright.

    “As we know, while tourism businesses suffer directly as a result of the cancellation of bookings, it’s also the other businesses in these towns that suffer as a flow on effect of no visitors,” Mr Cartwright said.“Two thirds of respondents revealed that they had either cancelled, or were thinking about canceling, upcoming travel as a result of the bushfires. “Not only does that have an incredible financial impact on businesses right now, but it also has a dramatic effect on their long term sustainability.

    “What is really important is that, in the messaging sent out about the recovery and the towns that are re-opened for business, issues such as safety and transport access are addressed to ease immediate concerns.

    “People know that the best way to help these communities is to spend money in the towns to support local businesses,so apart from cash donations, 33% of those surveyed also identified buying productsand services from impacted communities as their way of helping.“With 85% of those surveyed saying the primary factor in deciding to take a holiday in NSW is the knowledge that their holidaywill support jobs in recovering communities, we need to do all we can to send a clear message that NSW is indeed open for business,” Mr Cartwright said.NSW Tourism Industry Council Chairman Simon Spellicy believes that a silver lining from this disaster is that it presents agreat opportunity for regional businesses to showcase their products and to develop a whole new and sustained customer base.

    “What we also know is that there is so much goodwill, not only from Australia but also from the rest of the world, to help these areas get back on their feet, so it’s imperative that the tourism industry, but especially Governments, listen to what people’s genuine concerns are and respond accordingly,” Mr Spellicy said."

    Both the Commonwealth Bank and the ANZ Bank are offering Bushfire Recovery Grants

    1. Commonwealth Bank

    Grants are now open. Up to $50,000 grants available to assist the longer term recovery of organisations directly affected by the bushfires.

    We have launched the CommBank Bushfire Recovery Grants to help support local communities and replace facilities lost in the fires. To be eligible to apply for a CommBank Bushfire Recovery Grant, each organisation must:

    • Be a community organisation, fire service, school, sporting club or non-government organisation in a bushfire affected area, not an individual
    • Need to replace or repair facilities or property which was lost or damaged by bushfire during the 2019-20 bushfire season and is not likely to be covered by insurance
    • Be able to identify how repair or replacement of the facilities or property will benefit the community
    • Not be implementing projects with any political objectives
    • Hold a current bank account in Australia in its name
    • Applications will be reviewed fortnightly and close 31 March, 2020

    Prior to applying, please read the Grant GuidelinesFAQs and Review Matrix

    2. ANZ Bankanz

    Business in Glen (BiG) is excited and pleased to advise that its new website is now live on the Web.

    business in glen glen innes

    This Directory based website aims to represent all businesses present in the Glen Innes Severn Shire - Glen Innes Highlands.  It gives all businesses, as well as community and sporting organisations, whether members of BiG or not, the opportunity to have a web presence for the promotion of their organisation.  The site acts as a searchable directory  where businesses are classified into  18 categories; by virtue of the nature of the particular business. A business may be present in more than one category.

    Many of the entries have, at this stage, only rudimentary information, but  the site is being updated daily with more and more businesses and information pertaining to those businesses. The addition of 'key words' allows site visitors to easily search for local goods and services - step 1 of a Shop Local Campaign.  We now have the capacity of 'seeing' who we have, and what they have to offer.  Links are also provided to individuals websites and social media. Each business may 'self manage' which gives an opportunity to alter the business listing, to have exactly what they want - this is completely free!! A number of businesses have already fully embraced the opportunity and have commenced input of photos and text. Once fully optimised it will also effectively give all Glen Innes businesses a Page 1, presence on Google.  

    The beauty of this system is that it allows BiG to communicate with businesses and organisations effectively and rapidly.  The website provides the best opportunity to provide networking channels for all Glen Innes businesses integrating in-house newsletters with all social media.

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    The Glen Innes Business Community welcomes the opportunity to have big biz, visit us.
    Check us out, you'll be made very welcome, anytime!

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