BIG Minutes

Draft Minutes of the General Meeting of Business in Glen  held on Wednesday 12 December 2018 at Glen Innes Services Club, Grey St, Glen Innes, commencing at 6.00pm

Present: D.Scott, H.Eastmon, D.Collins, M.Davis, W&L Hornsby, S.Nouse, J.Ritchie, C.Andrews, J.Neve, J.Enoch, S.Waters, H.Basson, B.Bishop, C&B Sparks

Apologies: B. Wicks, J.Smith, D.Lewis, B Thorpe, L.Williams, M&B Munro, M.Ferris

Minutes of meeting 14 November 2018: Moved J.Ritchie, Seconded J.Enoch

That the minutes of the 14 November 2018 be accepted.”Carried

Treasurers Report: As of 10 December there are 42 fully paid up members of BIG.

Our current account balances are:

Dept of Fair Trading for lodgement of form A12 is $74.33 (including fee for visa card payment) from S3.1 account.

Moved: D.Scott Sec. J.Ritchie that Fair Trading Invoice is ratified by this meeting and the Fairfax account for Christmas wishes be paid. Carried.

Business Arising:

Reports from sub-committees

Ø Shop Local -Following people have expressed an interest in being a part of the sub-committee: D.Scott. D.Lewis, S.Waters, Di Collins,  M.Davis,  M.Lindsay,  J.Kent,  M.Burge,  N.Fletcher. S.Nouse, W.Hornsby

Moved  D.Scott Sec.   S.Waters    that the above  people represent the Glen Innes Shop Local Sub-committee of BIG and, in accordance with the Constitution, an Instrument of Delegation be formulated. A budget of $1000 be allocated from funds to facilitate the functioning of this sub-committee. Carried.

H.Basson advises that $10K has been budgeted by Council for a ‘Shop Local’. M.Lewis believed that this sub-committee should look at long term strategies and short term initiatives as an all year activity. Options for actions may include loyalty programmes, plans to Council for following years and to fill business opportunities and to address leakage. Imperative to ask the hard questions for the long term and to seize opportunities, digitising, have active core businesses and to address the needs of consumers

Ø Spend in Glen Going well, spot the window, draw on cards into specific areas for $50 vouchers. Next major draw on Saturday. Encouraging to have Adam Marshall present at the last draw.  Previously, with very large prize draws of $1000 or $4000 did not work as well as the smaller $250 draws currently used in terms of encouraging spending in small businesses

Ø Chill n Glen. Debrief has been held and positive and negative issues identified. Moved J.Ritchie Sec D.Scott that the revised budget be sent to Destination NSW and minutes be available to members. D.Scott advised that the main points from the de-brief were that the Ice Skating would not be followed up for the next Chill and that efforts would be made to retrieve the paid deposit and that there were major inconsistencies in the budget. Ice Skating was identified as the source of major losses. J.Ritchie advised that the Ice Rink may be back at Easter and for the next Chill, but as a stallholder, not as a paid feature! The majority of businesses did well.

W.Hornsby and M.Davis emphasised the importance of the need to collect data.  Hard data is terrific  for funding, but anecdotal evidence is also of value. Roller skating in a winter theme was a suggestion for the next Chill event.

Thursday night in December. A number of businesses will be open in the Thursday evenings prior to Christmas. There was some confusion over the ‘once only late night shopping’. Businesses themselves have organised the next 2 Thursdays. There may be a roll for the new Shop in Glen sub-committee in the future but in the interim BIG and Glen Innes Shop Local will help where they can.

Business awards. In continuation. Business NSW keen to help if needed.

Correspondence In:

  • Detailed notes from Moira Munro in relation to Spend in Glen promotion.
  • Advice from NSW business chamber re. waiving of fees for Chambers of Commerce, but that had to provide numbers of members and affiliates. This is currently around 140

Correspondence Out: Press release 2.

General Business:

  • Tax Declaration for ATO. This has been completed and sent to authorities who can provide significant discounts and opportunities to not-for-profit community organisations
  • Meeting dates for 2019. It was decided to keep monthly meetings and that every 3 months a speaker try to be organised.
  • H.Basson Clarification of $360K for roads has been passed, Deepwater for $50K water, 2 toilet blocks (Melling Park and Apex park, Deepwater) should be approved. However, there is now $380K still available for further projects as Austrade has disallowed the ‘labour for landowners’ project. The PA system may still be on the agenda as well as lighting in the main street. Other options are to be discussed at the next Council meeting. The Mayor advised that considering all the problems with the Drought Grant and the need for physical infrastructure, perhaps all funds should have been directed to roads and bridges, as many other regional Councils had done. B.Bishop advised that the Deepwater progress association was addressed by the Mayor recently and they were very happy and thankful to Council and appreciated the work of the General Manager and Councillors to fix the toilets in Apex Park.
  • Trading for Christmas season. Quite at the moment with several business owners reporting 60% down on trade cf. last year.
  • There was discussion on the merit of the Celtic festival compared to Outlandish – As far as businesses were concerned Outlandish had significantly more disposable cash spent in the CBD. The desired demographic is middle aged professional female who is prepared to ‘go shopping’!
  • Other ideas for activities – J.Enoch suggested that projections on to town hall when activity in town (Glen Vivid), film festival. Other suggestions included a Beany festival or utilising apiarists – a honey, something?
  • C.Andrews advised that the Christmas events carols at the school was a great community event, and that the co-operating schools should be acknowledged.
  • Lighting in main street the LED lighting does not cast to pavement. Carol Sparks is to bring this issue up to Council.
  • New England Living magazine. Fantastic articles on Glen Innes, something for everyone’s coffee table!

Meeting Closed at 7pm with J. Ritchie wishing all a happy and safe Christmas break

Next meeting: January has a skip! Wednesday 13 February, 2019

Minutes of the General Meeting of Business in Glen held on Wednesday 22 August 2018 at Glen Innes Services Club, Grey St, Glen Innes, commencing at 6.45pm

Present: Jim Ritchie, Brett Bishop, David Lewis, Graham Price, Hein Basson, David Scott, Wendy and Lloyd Hornsby, Andrew Parsons, Bill Munro,  Howard Eastwood, Carol and Badja Sparks, Adi Ritchie, Barry Wicks, Jenny Smith, Caroline Andersen

Apologies: Kylie Hawkins, Jo Williams, Cathy Spry, Moira Munro, Margot Davis, Linda Ludlow, Tom & Lucy Faithfull, Margie Ferris

Minutes of meeting 13 June 2018: Moved J.Ritchie, Seconded B.Bishop “That the minutes of the 13 June be accepted.” Carried.

Business Arising:

Chill n Glen:

  • Excellent event with most businesses reporting very good trade.
  • Most visitors were day-trippers compared with the Celtic Festival, who stayed for longer times.
  • Ice Skating was very successful with about $7500 in sales. The object being to provide an experience rather than making a profit.

Correspondence In: Nil

Correspondence Out: Nil

General Business: J. Ritchie called for ideas/targets that BIG can achieve over the next few months and year.  The following  ideas were submitted from the floor.

  • Price: Council has allocated $10,000 towards a “Buy Local” campaign for later in the year.
  • Ritchie advised that the last Spend in Glen circulated approx $1.4M throughout the local economy last year.
  • Parsons. Need an assessment of what businesses the town needs, and to actively target such.
  • Ritchie. Suggested that Glen Innes needs an active Marketing Campaign, perhaps targeting Grey Nomads.
  • Price advised that an Economic Development Manager has been appointed (Margot Davis), who has extensive marketing experience in Australia and overseas. She is working on a plan that will present a cohesive brand across all platforms. A  “Back to Business” event is  being organised and Margot is to speak, with other speakers. Make it in Glen website will be launched at this event.
  • Grey Nomads and how to attract them into town. G.Price advised that parking for long vehicles and the RV Friendly signs are now in the depot and will be installed shortly. B.Sparks discussed his experiences at the Bookshop and how an ‘anchor business’ can attract business for all businesses. The information sign discussed at previous meetings was again raised, advising of the ‘next event’ in Glen and H.Basson advised that this is for next year’s Councils budget. C.Sparks emphasized the importance of the Grey Nomad Economy.
  • Economic Development Plan. Basson advised that Council and all interested parties e.g. town businesses, tourism businesses should be working co-operatively in harmony. What is to be marketed? Has Glen got a competitive advantage (CA), if the town doesn’t have a CA then we need to develop one. J.Ritchie discussed the Wind Turbine Blade as an example of a point of difference.
  • Knowing the Market. W.Hornsby advised that July was the best month in the last 6 months for their business. People were out for the day or out for the weekend and noted visitation from regional surrounding towns, but also that Glen was attracting people from the coast and Sydney over the winter. Many were visiting friends and relatives. Ritchie emphasised that all businesses must provide a positive experience for visitors. W.Hornsby advised that an application had been lodged with Channel 7 to market Glen as a drought initiative.
  • Recycling and Value Adding. C.Sparks advised of a business in Narrabri that was processing plastic and in so doing creating jobs. Glen Innes doesn’t have a good ratio for recycling and too much product is ending up in landfill. B.Munro was concerned about community apathy about recycling and that education must be continual. One target may be to assist Glen Industries to find local ways of recycling our local recyclables.
  • Lewis was concerned about fractured nature of information about Glen and that we must proactively promote what businesses we have. The new BIG website to be explained at the next meeting. B.Bishop explained some developments and ideas coming out of Deepwater e.g public art on the water tower and to ensure that outlying areas are an integral part of the Glen experience.
  • Railway Land. AParsons thinks that the State land around the Railway should be utilised. Perhaps BIG could lobby Adam Marshall to get this resource utilised for the benefit of the town.


Conclusion: J.Ritchie thanked everyone for their ideas and echoed G.Price’s sentiment that BIG should be about converting ‘Ideas into Actions’.  He called on all to further develop these ideas  and will  brainstorm them at the next meeting.


Meeting Closed: 7:30pm

Next meeting:  12 September, Glen Innes Services Club, 6pm

Minutes of the General Meeting of Business in Glen   held on Wednesday 12 September 2018 at Glen Innes Services Club, Grey St, Glen Innes, commencing at 6.00pm

Present: Jim Ritchie, David Scott, David Lewis, Brett Bishop, Graham Price, Howard Eastmon, Christine Andersen, Mel Grennan, Margot Davis, Ruth Sim-Brummel, Sue Watters, Carol Sparks, Andrew Parsons, Badga Sparks

Apologies: Barry Wicks, Jenny Smith, Bill Munro, Moira Munro, Kylie Hawkins, Jo Hall, Bill Liston, Margie Ferris, Ben Thorpe, Liarne Williams, Linda Ludlow, Adi Ritchie, Susie Snodgrass,

Minutes of meeting 22 August 2018: Moved  J.Ritchie        , Seconded Brett Bishop  “That the minutes of the 22 August  be accepted.”  Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

I have met with Jo Williams (previous treasurer) and received from her a folder of documents relating to the treasurer’s position.  Another meeting is required in order to obtain the MYOB files in the required format.

I am unable to give a report on the current status of any bank accounts until access to our banking records is arranged.  This will require a signed off copy of minutes from last month’s AGM.

In relation to bookkeeping, BIG has been “piggy backing” off the MYOB software licence belonging to Glen Industries since our inception.  Given the recent changes to the executive committee, I feel that it is time for BIG to “stand on its own two feet” in relation to bookkeeping software.  As such, I propose that BIG subscribe to MYOB at a cost of $45 per month.  This licencing fee will grant us all of the software features that we need right now, and will also allow us to grow well into the future.

Resolved to purchase a monthly MYOB licence.

Business Arising:

  • Buy Local Campaign. Council has provided $10K towards buy local campaign. Ideas yet to come. J.Ritchie has approached Peter Sneikers for his thoughts and to come to the October meeting for further ideas and actions. Roll of BIG, collaboration of BIG and GIHVA with Business to Business and Business to Community. Margot Davis mentioned Main and me as a potential platform which is to be further investigated.
  • Graham Price related the Local spend in Glen, lights on programme and the State Government $1M to drought effected towns. It appears that this may be an extension of drought program, but the Council will have to apply to someone/somebody. Details are ‘hazy’, but money has to be spent before 30 June 19. It may be as a small business stimulus package to fast track money into the community and have it circulate as a stimulus. However we need to ensure the funds will also be for the long term benefit of the community. Other potential ideas may be for farmers affected by bushfire e.g. Pinkett fire, sealing roads, Glenrac support and further water security eg Deepwater water.
  • Small business month in October with Council hosting an event and Council will use this as a opportunity to collect ideas. Margot Davis is to give an overview of Regional Economic Development (RED) strategy and to also launch a strategy aimed to attract investors, business and tree changers. Other ideas such as Totally-locally, data analysis on Spend in Glen, gaps and opportunities in businesses in GI, why buy local educational campaign, and getting products in front of people.
  • Survey of what we haven’t got in GI why people haven’t stayed. Council is working on a ‘profile’ of people who have come to town. Easily established factors that are important are jobs etc. but big negatives are being able to register to go to doctors. Council is also looking into medical services. There are a multitude of factors influencing Doctors coming to small towns. GI medical program was discussed, but how does a community train and retain.
  • The following Business arising was not discussed due to time restraints: Attracting Grey Nomads, Businesses Glen Innes needs, Knowing the Market, Information Sign, Recycling, Railway building and associated lands

 BIG website and Social Media. David Lewis outlined the virtues of the new website and quickly outlined the basic structure of the website. He encouraged people to claim their business and register and outlined the detail that could be put onto the site. J.Ritchie to put out an email to all businesses to encourage them to check the site. Posts to Social media facebook site has resulted in increased ‘Likes’.

Correspondence In: – not dealt with

  • Survey of Business Conditions – NSW Business Chamber 10/9
  • Regional Flagship Events – funding – Dest.NSW 11/9
  • Why Leave Town Giftcard program 11/9
  • Eventbrite survey (ChillnGlen) 12/9

Correspondence Out: Press Release to Glen Innes Examiner

General Business:

 The following priorities were set as the BIG targets for 2018/19.

    • ‘Shop local’ Campaign, in whatever form this may take. locals for locals perhaps extend Shop in Glen. J.Ritchie, D.Scott, D.Lewis, M.Davis
    • Business awards. Karen King, J.Ritchie, M.Grennan,
  • Full and detailed web presence an audit of businesses in GI. Increase activity on Social Media. D.Scott & D.Lewis. Web site to be put onto Parsons trucks (A.Parsons)
  • Presentation of the Main street. Lighting, bollards, branding. What we have, a ‘perfect’ mainstreet with unique stores addressing the perception of ourselves and the long term strategy of presentation of the mainstreet. (job, not allocated)
  • Signage for next event in GI on outskirts of town. Graham Price, Margot Davis
  • Other Business.
    • Andrew Parsons advised that another two wind turbines were damaged and available.
    • Graham Price outlined the current ‘state of play’ with Grant applications including CCTV in the CBD, Upgrade of Main Street (north of Post Office), Mellings Park, Regional Sports arena at Wilson Park, Saleyards (sheep) upgrade, Town Hall upgrade, Youth and Art. Grants officer to be appointed soon.
    • Crofter’s Cottage. There have been no Expressions of Interest but perhaps this should be used for different purpose e.g. museum or small venue space.
    • Why has there been a drop off in interest in BIG meetings. Membership should be asked whether the time of meetings is a consideration.
    • Invoices to be sent out or advised through website.

Meeting Closed: 7.10

Next meeting:

Minutes of the General Meeting of Business in Glen   held on Wednesday 12 October 2018 at Glen Innes Services Club, Grey St, Glen Innes, commencing at 6.00pm


Present: D.Scott, J.Ritchie, C.Price, D.Newman, C.Sparks, B.Sparks, G.Price, C.Andrews, P.Sneikers (guest speaker)

Apologies: D.Lewis, M.Ferris, H.Eastmon, B.Bishop, G.Hayes, B & M Munro, B.Wicks, J.Smith, B.Liston, A.Ritchie, B.Thorpe, L.Williams, L & W Hornsby, J & S Nourse.

Minutes of meeting 12 September 2018: Moved  J.Ritchie, Seconded D.Scott  “That the minutes of the 12 September  be accepted.”  Carried.

Correspondence: A.Marshall funding grants regional event now open


  • C Sparks asked when and why the decision to seek a survey was made. B.Sparks asked where the survey was sent. J. Ritchie advised that it was a decision of the executive following a lot of negative remarks made by some supporters of both S.Toms and C.Sparks. The intention of the survey was to give guidance to councillors on what residents thoughts. The survey was distributed through the BIG membership database as well as database of non-BIG members. It was also posted on the BIG Facebook page and was shared by various individuals and organisations
  • Main Street improvements. B.Sparks sought clarification on the roll of BIG and Main Street improvements and his belief that it had resulted in the closure of two businesses. J.Ritchie explained the consultation processes involved and timeframe.

Presentation by Peter Sneikers. This is attached as a PDF. J.Ritchie thanked P.Sneikers for his work and insights.

Council Report. G.Price advised members of the Thursday event Small Business Month and that Margot Davis will be giving an interesting presentation of results of her survey. Other speakers will be doing presentations.

Other General Business.

  • Carol Sparks – moving forward artwork on Deepwater water tank,
  • Andrew Parsons – brought up idea of painting water tanks on Martins Lookout, artwork on fence of showground was also discussed as a possible project for the Showground Trust
  • Business awards – annual/biannual in July. A sub committee of J.Ritchie, C.Sparks and C.King.
  • Sparks advised that the Office of the Mayor is open.

Thanks and welcome to new mayor

Closed 7.22pm

Next Meeting 14th November 2018, 6pm, Glen Innes Services Club.

Minutes of the General Meeting of Business in Glen  held on Wednesday 14 November 2018 at Glen Innes Services Club, Grey St, Glen Innes, commencing at 6.00pm

Present: J.Ritchie, B.Bishop, M.Davis, C.Andrews, S.Black, J.Enoch, M.Munro, D.Scott, H.Basson, H.Eastwood, B.Sparks, G.Hayes, S. Nourse, J. Neve, M.Grenan, J.Smith, S.Waters, A.Parsons

Apologies: L&T.Faithfull, M.Ferris, B.Thorpe, L.Williams, B.Wicks, D.Lewis, K.Hawkins, B.Munro, K.King, G.Price, A.Ritchie, S.Snodgrass, W&L Hornsby, P&BDavis

Minutes of meeting 12 October 2018: Moved J.Ritchie         , Seconded D.Scott  “That the minutes of the 12 October  be accepted.”  Carried.

Business Arising:

Reports from sub-committees

  • Business Awards J.Ritchie & K.King is subcommittee.
  • Website and Social Media. Avg of 400 unique visitors per month and increasing. Please claim your site and advise BIG if any problems or your business is not on the website. Recent signups through website include Arbithhill and Cool Climate Gardens
  • Shop Local. Plan for a workshop for rest of year with Council and interested parties.
  • Spend in Glen Innes Highlands. 50 businesses have signed up and 48 paid. 5 bins around town for putting entries: Furnished in Glen, The Shop in Glen, Schaffers Newsagency, Premier Store, Grey St Spare Parts. Posters are up and cards are being printed. First draw is on 29th Nov as part of late night shopping extravaganza 10 draws of $250ea, plus on the spot cards 25 x $50 cards. Navanka Fletcher to do announcements up and down street doing eftpos cards. $700 rebrand on cards + $5.50 per card, support of advertising $1000 with Examiner, $10000 welcome support from Council. Signs are up in all windows in supporting businesses and stickers are ordered for windows that will allow cards to be utilised for the year.
  • Chill n Glen. Debrief for next Wednesday 21 Nov at Services Club (6pm). J.Ritchie to discuss with K.Hawkins on Thursday for acquittal for FRRR. Already interest for the next event.
  • Presentation of Main Street. Carried forward.
  • Next Event Signage. Actioned to M.Davis, costings and have ready for next years council budget. The concept seems to have been confused. [Secretary has checked notes from the original concept suggested by Mel Grennan whereby the signs would be placed at the 4 entrances to the town advising of the next major event in town. At the conclusion of the event the ‘noticeboard sign’ is then removed and replaced with the next major event].


Treasurer’s Report: (via Secretary)

        Invoice to GISC for $10,000 sent.

        Payment to WLT – Spend in Glen ($12044.75)

Payment to AON insurance – Public Liability ($1223.06)

Current balances: 746653S3 (Business Hub) $153.66

746653s3 (BIG) $4643.20 (incl. Spend in Glen $2044.75)

746653S3.1(Card) $421.62

746653S3.2 (Chill) $0.00

Motion: That payment for Spend in Glen and AON insurance be approved by meeting of 14 November, 2018. Moved D.Scott Seconded B.Bishop. Carried.                       .

Correspondence In:

  • Resignation of Treasurer, provisionally accepted and JRitchie to discuss with him.
  • Unsuccessful Funding Application (Opportunity Shop – K.Hawkins)
  • Fletcher. Katherine Outback Experience details below. The Show is usually $55/adult, $30/child, but the concept is that BIG and GIHVA and Show Society contribute $1835ea then the event would be free for GI residents and visitors. Motion: that BIG agrees to support this with $1835 grant Moved: J.Ritchie, Sec; J. Smith. Carried.

Correspondence Out:

  • Spend in Glen Promotion
  • Chill n Glen Destination NSW grant acquittal (K.Hawkins)

General Business:

        Destination GI and suggestions from

GISC – procurement report approx. 16% of funds been spent at local business approx. $2.6M into the local govt area. HBasson reminded businesses that it was crucial that details are updated continually and current to facilitate ease of doing business with Council.

Drought response – Drought fund $1M per eligible Council (includes GISC). Many councils put in for WLT gift cards (or some variation)  but at the Drought Summit this was rejected by the Commonwealth Govt favouring infrastructure projects. GISC had put in $170K for cards (out of the $1M – the remainder has been allocated and passed by Council for other accepted projects). Council had a ‘call out’ to BIG and others for ideas- this was sent to all members via email and also featured on the BIG Facebook site. No responses were received. M.Davis sought the meetings ideas initiating the discussion with a suggestion to renovate awnings in the main street, prioritised with heritage advisor. Other suggestions included lighting under awning to improved night time display of shopfronts and development of the land surrounding water treatment works: business planning consultants. HBasson and MDavis were concerned  about timeframe. MDavis to send criteria for the grant to J.Ritchie for distribution with a plea to get back to Council asap.

MDavis reported on the  Outlander event and its success. Local business that opened were busy, the VIC had a 78% increase in sales.

Sat 17th from 6pm  Peppermints featuring artists from various mediums

Vintage Rose Festival event

Examiner producing a glossy calendar for next year that includes major Shire events. Contact M.Grennan to ensure your event is included.

Highlands tours reported that they ran a tour with a Sydney probus  group who enjoyed the GI experience and injected approx. $25K into the GI economy.

Meeting Closed: 7.25

Next meeting:  to be advised.